Keighley Cat Care

We are all volunteers at Keighley Cat Care and receive no payment for our work neither do we have any government help. All funds are raised by ourselves by way of donations from the public.

To find out more about Keighley Cat Care and our members please have a look at the About Us page.

Please see some of our Success Stories or if you have some of your own please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Our Mission

KCCTo rescue abandoned, stray and unwanted cats & kittens and find them safe and loving homes.
KCCTo help prevent cruelty to cats/ kittens
KCCTo educate the public regarding treatment, welfare of cats/kittens and advice on neutering
KCCKeep a register of lost and found cats/kittens
KCCOffering help with feline behavioural problems

Low-cost Neutering

We offer a subsidised neutering program for anybody who cannot afford to have their cats neutered. We ask for a £5 minimum donation although we will be thankful if you could donate as much as you can afford towards the cost of the procedure.

Just ring Aireworth Vets in Keighley or Addingham on 01535 602988 or Whitecross vets in Eccleshill on 01274 065 222and ask to book your cat on the Keighley Cat Care neutering scheme. Please note we are all volunteers and have no government help or the support of any other bigger, nation wide rescues to fund this project, so please do not abuse it.

Important News

KCC Make sure you visit our shop in Cavendish Retail Park. We are there every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm unless there's any unforseen cirmcustances and we are forced to open late or close early. We urgently need VOLUNTEERS and donations, household items, kids toys... anything you can think of that is good quality and in a decent state so we can sell it.
KCC We now have a partnership with Battersea and send cats to be rehomed in London as they are in the complete opposite situation to us, where they have lots more people wanting to adopt than cats looking for homes


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