Adopting a cat is easy. You can look at the pictures, read the cat profiles and then get in touch with us and we will help you choose the perfect cat for you.
Please note we ask for £75 donation for each cat and this is why.
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Leah is as cute as a button and all packed and ready to go if someone should want to take her home, she is a little bit shy but soon forgets that when the toys come out!!
11+ years
C4 is an older boy. He was one of 14 cats found in a flat when the owner passed away, he is a bit shy and likes to keep himself to himself where the other foster cats are concerned and he likes to go outside now and then, he just needs a place to call his own.
All ages
We always have kittens, different ages, different colours, boys and girls, please call to enquire as sometimes we can't update the website quickly enough
2+ years
A bit timid and struggling with new things, Frank is a very affectionate cat once he gets to know you
14 years
Description to follow shortly
2 years
Tommy is a shy boy and he takes a while to get used to stranges, but as he builds confidence he will come to you and sit near you. He doesn't particularly like being touched yet. He needs lots of nurturing and care.
Description to follow shortly
Old'Jim has been there and done it all, he just needs a comfy sofa and a lovely mum or dad or both! Very relaxed old gentleman looking for a retirement home to relax in.
A loving friendly little boy, took a few days to come round when he got here, but he now comes for strokes and will follow you around the house. He can be a little shy with strangers, but after a while his enquistitiveness overtakes and he comes to find out what's happening
1-2 years
Shy at first but lovely playful girl. Likes to run about the garden. Okay with other cats but may prefer to be an only.(typical tortie)
3 years
Super soft, lovely boy. Total cuddlebox.
Phantom is an extremely sweet girl still full of love and looking for the best home
Description to follow shortly
Description to follow shortly
Description to follow shortly
Description to follow shortly
Zim is a very special boy. All he wants is to give you lots of love, he's not just extremely beautiful on the outside, he's got a heart of gold
This lovely boy has been a stray for many months. He sadly was outside in the recent freezing weather, continuing to call where he knew he would be fed. A very wary boy he had one eye on his food and the other on his escape route. It has been a team effort to catch him and get him to the foster home waiting for him at KCC. He is warm and cared for now although his first few days were spent under a bed hissing he now comes out and on his terms is gaining trust slowly. He will need someone who can give him the time to learn how to be loved again. He isn't phased by other cats. He will turn in to a lovable teddy bear if he gets a chance.
Zee will not be available for adoption until June, but you can always ring us to enquire