Keighley Cat Care Success


We would like to say THANK YOU to the following people for all their help:

Firstly a huge thank you to all those hundreds of people who have adopted our cats and kittens - many of whom stay in touch and send us photographs of their progress and those who regularly send donations to keep us afloat.

Also a big thank you to Support Adoption for Pets, Jean Sainsbury and Animals Friends Insurance for their continued support. Their donations and grants make it possible for us to continue our work helping our feline friends.

Adopted April 2015
Our lovely Freya has now found her ideal forever home. She has waited patiently and that has now been rewarded big time. Her new "mum" loves her to bits and Freya reciprocates. So good to see her get the one to one love and attention she craves. Another happy outcome.
MILLIE (was Hattie)
Adopted Feb 2015
We adopted her as a birthday present for my 7 year old son, Sammy. He adores Millie and the feeling is mutual! She has settled really well and is already feeling at home. She has a wonderful little personality, gently cuffing us on the back of our legs if she thinks we have forgotten about her for a second. She is loving our garden, exploring the area and 'playing' with the wildlife! When I call her to come back in, she always appears quickly, so she knows her name. She has started to use the cat flap to get inside, although we're not having as much success getting her to use it to go outside! But, she's only been here 2 weeks and she has us to open the door for her! Sammy is keeping track of her favourite foods, so she can be spoilt rotten. She has a large and growing number of toys, although recently she's been fond of playing with Sammy's birthday balloons.
She's a wonderful addition to the family and we are all grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet and adopt her.
Adopted Jan 2015
We have two very young children (3 and 1) and were keen to find a cat that would fit into to a fairly noisy family environment.
We were immediately very impressed by Keighley Cat Care and the personal approach they took.
They discussed our needs with us carefully and then tried to match us to a cat that would be friendly, and not too put off by young children.
It was particularly great that we could visit the cats in their foster homes, see how they played and interacted with their foster carers.
It felt like the carers knew the cats really well, and that helped make us more confident in taking the advice they gave us. They suggested Florence, a lovely black and white spotted cat who was quite young.
The children (and us) immediately took to her, and within a few days she was home and getting settled in. She has settled very quickly and is now a member of our family. The children love playing with her, and making sure she is well looked after. And she seems happy with their noise, often looking on bemusedly as they run around in circles. We are very grateful to Keighley Cat Care for introducing us to our new family member.
Adopted Dec 2014
Charlie and Moog were originally called Audrey and Amy and they lived with Pauline after they were abandoned with their young mum at the bottom of someone's garden.
When we decided we wanted to adopt a cat, our only requirement was that she had to be used to being around dogs. Chris then arranged for us to see Pauline as she has a dog living with the fostered cats, so any of the ones living with her would be ideal for us.
We went to see them and were doubtful as to whether to get one or two, until we saw Charlie and Moog and our doubts just vanished straight away.
We brought them home and after a little period of insecurity, both have settled down and are such an integral part of our lives that we can't even remember what it was like not to have them. They've only been with us for three months, but we keep saying things like 'When they were little...' as if it was years ago!
We couldn't thank Keighley Cat Care enough for keeping our girls from coming to any harm after someone without much conscience out there decided to get rid of them the way they did. As I said before, we can't really imagine what our lives would be like without them.
Thanks very, very much to everybody at Keighley Cat Care!
Hi there Angela!
Sorry its taken so long to get in touch, the months have gone by so quickly.
As you can see from the pictures the boys have settled in really well, we renamed Speckle Saxon as my husband refused to say 'speckle' out of the back door lol!!!! . They are absolutely gorgeous cats, completely mad with huge personalities. We are very lucky to have them. They have really taken to the kids (and the dog, who lets them climb all over him!!!) and the usual picture is them all snuggling up together. Thank you again, you do an amazing job
Sue Parsons and family
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